Preparing Your Home For Listing Photos And Showings



To prepare your home for listing photos and showings, start by thoroughly cleaning. Dust and wipe down all surfaces, and ensure windows are spotless to brighten each room. Declutter countertops and remove personal items to present a tidy, neutral environment. For the exterior, trim the lawn and add colorful flowers to boost curb appeal. Before showings, turn on all indoor lights to create a welcoming ambiance and open blinds to maximize natural light. Stash personal belongings and ensure the space allows potential buyers to envision themselves living there. These steps can make a significant impact, and there’s more to explore to fully optimize your home’s presentation.

Main Points

  • Declutter and depersonalize each room to create a neutral space for potential buyers.
  • Clean all surfaces and windows to enhance the home’s brightness and appeal.
  • Arrange colorful flowers and trim the lawn to improve outdoor attractiveness.
  • Turn on interior lights and open blinds to optimize natural and artificial lighting.
  • Secure valuables and ensure pets are out of the way to maintain focus during showings.

Essential Cleaning Tasks

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To ensure your home looks its best for photos and showings, start by dusting and wiping down all surfaces to eliminate any visible dust or smudges. Clean windows to brighten each room and ensure real estate photos are clear.

Organize countertops and remove personal items for a clutter-free and well-maintained space. These essential cleaning tasks are crucial for preparing your home for the professional photographer.

Organizing Indoor Spaces

Start by clearing countertops and removing clutter to open up the indoor spaces of your home. As you prepare your home for listing, make sure to depersonalize each room by storing personal items and photos. This allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the space.

Ensure the final marketing materials, including listing photos, show a clean, inviting environment, ready for professional photography.

Enhancing Outdoor Appeal

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Enhancing your home’s outdoor appeal is essential, as trimmed lawns and vibrant gardens significantly boost property value and attract potential buyers. Here’s how to enhance your curb appeal:

Trim the lawnIncreases marketabilityRegular mowing
Add colorful flowersAttracts more potential buyersChoose vibrant varieties
Declutter spacesShowcases property potentialRemove unnecessary items

Pre-Show Preparations

Before listing photos and showings, make sure all lights are off to prevent color distortion in your images. Clear the bathroom counter and kitchen sink, and tuck away any personal items. Stash those garbage cans out of sight to enhance your home’s appeal.

Neatly arrange all bedding—this attention to detail supports your real estate marketing efforts, optimizing the results of your professional photography session.

Final Touches Before Showing

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As you prepare for showings, make sure all interior lights are turned on and fireplaces are lit to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Open blinds to enhance natural light, making your home look brighter for the photo shoot.

Clear the driveway, secure pets, and stow valuables. These steps ensure buyers can imagine themselves in your space, significantly impacting the final impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Family Photos Be Displayed When Selling a House?

You shouldn’t display family photos when selling your house. It’s essential to depersonalize your space, allowing buyers to imagine their own lives there, increasing your home’s appeal and marketability.

How Do I Take Good Pictures of My House for Sale?

To take good pictures of your house for sale, turn on all lights, open curtains for natural light, declutter spaces, and consider a professional photographer to truly capture your home’s appeal.

What Is the Best Order for Real Estate Photos?

For real estate photos, start with the exterior to make a great first impression. Follow with interior shots of key areas, sprinkle in unique features, and wrap up with inviting outdoor spaces.

How Do You Expose for Real Estate Photography?

To expose for real estate photography, you’ll adjust your DSLR’s manual settings to balance indoor and outdoor light. Use bracketing and a tripod to capture sharp, well-lit images across varying lighting conditions.


Now that you’ve tackled the essentials, from deep cleaning to decluttering, and jazzed up your outdoor space, you’re almost ready to roll out the red carpet for potential buyers.

Remember, first impressions are the key to success. As you make those final touches before showing your home, think of it as setting the stage for a grand premiere where your home is the star.

Show off your hard work and watch as buyers fall head over heels.