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Home Selling Services in Jacksonville, FL

When it comes to selling your home in Jacksonville, FL area, there are a lot of options to choose from. But when you need real estate representation that you can trust, that’s where I can help.

I’m Susie Takara. I’ve spent over 10 years building trust of my clients in the Jacksonville area. I would like to build the same trust with you.

I am a fully licensed real estate agent and REALTOR® with United Real Estate Gallery (UREG). UREG is part of the largest fully integrated network of real estate and auction professionals in the nation. The company has been an innovator in real estate marketing since 1925.

I know that selling your home is a big decision, that’s why I am committed to providing my clients peace-of-mind service.

Selling your home in today’s market can feel like navigating through a dense forest, but as your trusted representative, I am committed to providing peace-of-mind and Top-Tier services.

Market Analysis and Pricing Strategy

With my expert analysis, we’ll unveil the optimal listing price for your home, ensuring it shines bright in the marketplace. Leveraging my deep understanding of local market trends in Jacksonville, recent sales, and comparable properties, I craft a pricing strategy that positions your home as a beacon to potential buyers, attracting the right attention while reflecting its true worth. This can mean the difference between multiple offers and sitting for months on the market.

Marketing and Advertising

Your home deserves the spotlight, and I’m here to ensure it gets the grand stage it deserves. Through a combination of cutting-edge online tactics and my extensive network of buyer’s agents, your property will be showcased far and wide, captivating potential buyers from the get-go.

Offer Negotiation

As a Certified Negotiation Expert. I’ll champion your interests, ensuring you secure the best possible terms and price for your home. My goal is to navigate these negotiations smoothly, keeping you informed and empowered at every step.

Contract Preparation

I’m meticulous in drafting and reviewing all legal documents to protect your interests. Together, we’ll ensure the contract reflects the agreed terms accurately, paving the way for a successful transaction.

Local Expert Knowledge

Knowing the ins and outs of Jacksonville’s real estate market helps me list your home at just the right price. I use this insight to position your home to attract interested buyers to your doorstep with the potential of a great offer.

Picture gaining insights into the housing market’s twists and turns. That’s the edge you get when you work with me. I bring a deep understanding of local market trends, pricing strategies, and buyer preferences in Jacksonville. This knowledge helps me position your home effectively—not too high to deter potential buyers, nor too low, risking your valuable equity. Sometimes, my strategies lead to a bidding war amongst potential buyers.

Expansive Network of Buyer’s Agents

By tapping into my vast network of buyer’s agents, I place your home in the spotlight for countless potential buyers, dramatically increasing its visibility. This strategic move can lead to a scenario where multiple offers are on the table, helping to ensure that you receive the most advantageous offer and terms for your property.

Closing Assistance

My role becomes even more vital. I’ll be by your side, managing paperwork and addressing any challenges that arise, helping to ensure a smooth transition to the new chapter of your life.

Home Improvement Advice

Think of me as your guide through the realm of renovations, pointing out which investments will truly amplify your home’s value and appeal, from a real estate professional’s view.

From cost-effective upgrades to strategic makeovers, I’ll show you how to enhance your home’s best features, ensuring every change we make together maximizes its selling potential.

MLS Listing Services

I’ll craft an irresistible narrative for your home, complemented by professional photos that capture its essence. Our goal? To make your listing not just seen, but remembered, helping it reach a wide audience of potential buyers. Access to the MLS sends your listing out thousands of home listing websites.

Vetting Qualified Buyers

Ensuring buyers are pre-qualified is crucial not just for the efficiency of the selling process but also for the safety of showings. As a real estate professional, I vet potential buyers, ensuring that only serious and qualified individuals tour your home. This is an added layer of peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

This means knowing that every detail, from pricing strategy to post-sale relocation assistance, is handled with utmost care and professionalism. It’s the assurance that your interests are protected, your concerns are addressed, and your questions are answered promptly and thoroughly.

In essence, it’s the tranquility that comes from trusting you have a committed, knowledgeable, and compassionate real estate expert by your side. Scroll below to see the list of tasks I perform so we don’t miss a beat during the home selling process to help assure a smooth and faster sale of your house.

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It’s not just about selling your home, its about your future.

Step into the World of Unrivaled Home Seller Services in Jacksonville, FL!

Imagine a smoother and more streamlined home selling process, it feels less like a transaction and more like a journey to success. Here’s a look at the compelling advantages that set my home selling services apart in the Jacksonville real estate market.

Personalized Service

Feel the warmth of personalized service tailored to fit your unique needs. I take the time to understand your goals and preferences, crafting a selling strategy that aligns with your real estate goals. This approach not only helps to give you comfort and peace of mind but also aims to maximize the potential of every sale.

Certified Negotiation Expert

Negotiating the sale of your home can feel like a high-stakes poker game. Navigate the negotiation table with the confidence of having seasoned expertise by your side. As a Certified Negotiation Expert, with a knack for negotiation, you’ll feel well-supported when offers come rolling in.  I employ strategic skills that focus on safeguarding your interests and working towards the most advantageous terms for you.

I work tirelessly to help you get the best possible profit and terms, navigating the complexities of offers, counteroffers, and contingencies with expertise. This helps make sure the selling process moves forward more smoothly.

Guiding You Through the Selling Process

I understand that the complexities of closing on house can feel overwhelming. Closing on your home sale should be a time of excitement, not stress. Thats why, I work with your/our team, to cover every detail, from paperwork to legalities, to help create a more seamless and hassle-free closing. With me, you’re not just selling your house; you’re setting the stage for new beginnings.

Local Connections

Sometimes you need to take care of some items on your home. Whether it’s minor repairs, staging advice, or anything in between, I have access to a network of local contractors to handymen, ready to help make your house market ready. Or use your own. I want you to feel comfortable with whomever you choose.

Choosing my Home Selling Services in Jacksonville means tapping into a wealth of resources, expertise, and personalized care designed to make your home selling journey as rewarding as possible. With a blend of expertise, personalized care, and innovative strategies, I aim to meet your expectations and pave the way for a successful and satisfying sale. Remember, 5 Star service is my goal.

Welcome to the future of home selling, where all my services are designed with your success in mind.


See what people have to say

Larry Quentin Lane

In Fleming

highly pleased in every respect

We would like to recommend Susan Takara as the most outstanding Realtor we have ever had. She sold us our first home in Clay County in 2017. She sold it for us in December 2019 since we wanted a larger home. She found the larger home for us and we purchased it in January 2020. During the three real estate transactions Susan was patient with us; answered every telephone call immediately with the responses we needed; with professional and accurate information; and spending whatever time was needed to satisfy our requests. We have been highly pleased in every respect with the quality real estate services and advice she has given us. Should you need an outstanding, honest, and highly efficient Realtor, contact Susan at URWAY REALTY and you will never be disappointed with Susan’s ability to assist you in every step of the way to buying or selling your property. She is patient and understanding of your needs and we recommend her unreservedly as your Realtor. Verified by Realtor.com


Thank you Susie, from your FSBO sellers

Thank heavens, we had Susie Takara

Thank heavens, we had Susie Takara on the other side representing the buyer, but also making sure that we, on the seller’s side, made the correct steps in order to achieve a speedy and successful closing. My daughter and son-on-law recently put their house on the market as a FSBO. Since I was a licensed Real Estate Broker before retiring some years ago, I was called upon to help usher them through the Real Estate maze. I found no difficulty helping with preparations, like pricing and advertising and, could even give a hand with the actual showing and selling of the property. But, as they say in the real estate business, “finding a buyer is the easy part.“ With the passage of time since I was actively involved, things have gotten much more complicated and difficult when it comes to moving that sale through contracting, inspections, dealing with the lenders, etc.“

Dawn W.

Thanks again!

Susie’s professional title may be realtor but she brings much more to the table than just the knowledge of how to sell one’s home. It’s an emotional process that she personally understands. Susie was able to be there with me through the ups and downs. She was a calming voice when needed, able to make me LOL when frustrated and always willing to explain the fine details of any contract. I’m SO grateful to have been recommended Susie as my realtor. I can’t imagine what the process would have been like without her. Thanks again! Also, no joke you were my personal realty therapist!

Ginger J.

HR Analyst

thank you sooooooooo much

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you sooooooooo much. You again have been great through all of this. You kept Mike and myself calm until everything could be finalized. Mike and I can actually raise the boys in a home now instead of just an apt. That has been something Mike and I have been wanting to do since we started fighting to be able to adopt the boys. I know we will make great memories in that HOME. (Sorry but it feels so good to be able to say “home” now and it actually be a home.)If I ever find anyone who is looking to buy I will defiantly give them you name and phone #. I don’t know how we would have ever done this without your help. You calling me a few months back is the start of the best thing (and the last big milestone) that could ever happen besides our kids. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

Here’s My Story

About Me

I’m Susan “Susie” Takara, a proud member of the United Real Estate Gallery team, which has been at the forefront of real estate innovation since 1925, and I am thrilled to contribute to our legacy in Jacksonville, FL area.

My real estate journey was profoundly shaped by my friends and mentors. They instilled in me the value of building lasting relationships, upholding the highest ethical standards, and mastering the art of negotiation. These lessons have become the cornerstone of my approach to real estate.

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Steps I Take When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is like going on a big adventure where every step counts. I’m here to be your guide, making sure you don’t miss a beat, and everything goes as smoothly as possible.  The list below is to help me make sure that we don’t miss anything and check every box for a successful sale. While these services may vary according to your needs, I handle these tasks, so you don’t have to.

Pre-Listing Checklist for a Successful Sale

  • Schedule a listing presentation with the seller and send a confirmation via email or letter, followed by a confirmation call.
  • Prepare by reviewing questions to discuss during the appointment.
  • Conduct thorough research on comparable listings in the area.
  • Analyze sales data from the past 18 months using MLS and public records to understand market trends.
  • Study the average Days on Market (DOM) for similar properties in terms of type, price range, and location.
  • Access and review property tax information to gather insights.
  • Create a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) to determine the property’s fair market value.
  • Acquire subdivision plat or complex layout for a better understanding of the property’s context.
  • Investigate the property’s ownership, deed type, lot size, dimensions, and legal description through public records.
  • Examine land use codes, deed restrictions, current use, zoning, and verify the legal names of the owner(s) as per county records.
  • Assemble a comprehensive listing presentation package with the gathered information.
  • Assess the property’s exterior to gauge its curb appeal.
  • Organize a complete property file with all relevant documents and research.
  • Confirm the property’s assigned public schools and discuss their influence on market value.
  • Review the pre-listing activities checklist to ensure thorough preparation for the listing appointment.

Listing Appointment Presentation

  • Share insights on current and future market trends with the seller.
  • Highlight the achievements and expertise of both the agent and our company.
  • Introduce our company’s unique role and specialty in the real estate sector.
  • Discuss the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), including similar homes for sale and recently sold.
  • Propose a pricing strategy tailored to the current market insights.
  • Talk about the seller’s objectives to craft an effective marketing plan.
  • Detail the advantages of using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to boost the property’s visibility.
  • Outline the perks of online marketing and the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) system.
  • Describe the extensive efforts our team makes behind the scenes, including weekend availability.
  • Clarify how the agent filters calls to focus on serious buyers, ensuring the seller’s privacy.
  • Go over the comprehensive marketing strategy designed for the property.
  • Explain the various types of agency relationships and find out the seller’s preference.
  • Go through each part of the listing contract carefully and secure the seller’s agreement.
  • Examine the property’s title information for accuracy.
  • Calculate both the total and heated square footage of the property.
  • Measure the dimensions of each room.
  • Confirm the property’s lot size using the seller’s survey, if it’s available.
  • Identify any unrecorded property lines or agreements.
  • Acquire and review the property’s house plans, if they’re accessible.
  • Procure a plat map for the property’s file.
  • Set up showing instructions and timing with the seller.
  • Gather information on existing mortgage loans.
  • Confirm details of the mortgage loans with the lenders.
  • Discuss the loan’s assumability and any specific conditions.
  • Explore different financing options available to potential buyers.
  • Review any existing appraisals of the property.
  • Contact the Home Owner Association (HOA) manager for relevant details.
  • Check and confirm HOA fees and bylaws.
  • Investigate the availability of electricity and the provider’s contact details.
  • Determine the average utility costs over the last year.
  • Verify the property’s sewage system status.
  • Assess the water system’s costs or well water specifics.
  • Look into the availability and supplier of natural gas.
  • Check the security system’s status and whether it’s owned or leased.
  • Ensure there’s a transferable termite bond in place.
  • Determine if a lead-based paint disclosure is necessary.
  • Create a comprehensive list of the property’s features and evaluate their market impact.
  • List all items included in the sale.
  • Compile a record of completed property repairs and maintenance.
  • Send a checklist to the seller for maintaining a vacant property.
  • Discuss the advantages of a homeowner warranty with the seller.
  • Help the seller apply for and secure a homeowner warranty.
  • Make an additional key for the lockbox.
  • If rental units are part of the property, organize lease documents, verify rent and deposits, and communicate with tenants about the listing.
  • Arrange for a yard sign to be installed.
  • Assist the seller in filling out the Seller’s Disclosure form.
  • Complete a “new listing” checklist.
  • Assess the property’s curb appeal with the seller and suggest improvements.
  • Evaluate the interior decor and recommend adjustments to enhance appeal.
  • Upload the listing information into our transaction management software for streamlined handling.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Work with the seller to craft both print and online advertisements.
  • Organize property showings, coordinating with owners, tenants, and other Realtors®, and make sure to return calls every day, including weekends.
  • If the owner agrees, set up an electronic lockbox and program it for the times when showings are allowed.
  • Put together a list for mailing and contacting potential buyers.
  • Create personalized letters using mail merge for the contact list.
  • Order “Just Listed” labels and print out reports.
  • Design eye-catching flyers to highlight the property’s features.
  • Keep an eye on similar listings in the MLS to ensure the property stays competitive in terms of price, terms, conditions, and availability.
  • Draft a marketing brochure for the property and get the seller’s feedback.
  • Make sure there are enough printed marketing brochures or flyers available.
  • Distribute marketing brochures to all company agents.
  • Post the listing on the company and personal websites, if available.
  • Send a “Just Listed” announcement to neighbors in the area.
  • Inform the network referral program about the new listing.
  • Share marketing information with buyers coming from international and referral networks.
  • Use “special feature” cards in marketing materials when needed.
  • Advertise the listing on various real estate websites that the company uses.
  • Update any price changes quickly on all online platforms.
  • Replenish brochures and flyers as they run out.
  • Make sure the loan information on the MLS is current.
  • After showings, ask for feedback from buyers’ agents.
  • Regularly review market trends and studies.
  • Share agents’ feedback with the seller to see if any changes could make the property sell faster.
  • Call the seller weekly to update them on marketing efforts and discuss any necessary adjustments to the pricing strategy.
  • Update the MLS listing database immediately with any price changes.

Home Inspections

  • Arrange for the buyer’s home inspection and make sure the seller is ready.
  • Go over the findings from the home inspector’s report.
  • Update the transaction management software to reflect the completed inspection.
  • Clarify for the seller what they need to do according to the loan terms and contract conditions.
  • Make sure the seller meets all the obligations set out in the home inspection part of the contract.
  • Help the seller find reliable contractors for any repairs and discuss how to handle the costs.
  • If necessary, handle negotiations for repairs and ensure they are completed to satisfaction on behalf of the seller

Home Appraisal

  • Arrange the appraisal appointment.
  • Share sales data with the appraiser to support the market pricing.
  • Keep tabs on the appraisal progress.
  • Update the transaction management software once the appraisal is done.
  • Help the seller review and possibly challenge the appraisal if the valuation comes in lower than expected.

Getting Ready For Closing Your House

  • Confirm the contract is fully signed by everyone involved.
  • Work with the buyer’s agent and lender to smooth out the closing process.
  • Make sure the latest closing documents and information are ready and accessible.
  • Choose a convenient location for the closing.
  • Set a closing date and time, informing all necessary parties.
  • Address any title issues, such as boundary disputes, and help obtain any required documents like death certificates.
  • Coordinate the buyer’s final property walkthrough with the buyer’s agent.
  • Calculate tax, HOA dues, utilities, and other charges that need to be adjusted.
  • Ask the closing agent for the final settlement figures.
  • Check the closing figures for accuracy and forward them to the buyer’s agent.
  • Obtain a copy of the closing documents to review.
  • Make sure the buyer and their agent have the title insurance commitment.
  • Ensure the availability of the home warranty at closing.
  • Go over all closing documents to catch any mistakes.
  • Send closing documents to the seller if they can’t be there in person.
  • Discuss the closing details with the agent or attorney handling the closing.
  • Deliver the escrow deposit to the closing agent.
  • Manage the timing between the seller’s closing and any subsequent purchase they are making.
  • Aim for a smooth closing where the seller gets their proceeds without any hitches.
  • If the seller is moving, recommend top real estate agents in their new location.
  • Update the MLS to reflect the sale, including the sale date, price, and agent details.
  • Finalize the listing in the transaction management software, marking it as sold.

Tying Up Any Loose Ends After Closing

  • Assist with any questions the seller may have about filing claims with the Home Owner Warranty company.
  • Work to clarify and settle any disputes if the buyer has concerns about repairs.
  • Handle follow-up inquiries and supply further details from office records as needed.